the idea: 30 minutes of electronic music conversation between two musicians — especially two electronic musicians. one of them starts the whole thing off by sending 30 seconds of audio to his laptop-mate who will then continue the snippet with his own sound ideas and return it to his partner who started the conversation who will then – go figure – continue working on it once more for exact … yes … 30 seconds and forward his own addendum to the other and so on. once they have completed 30 minutes the conversation stops – project finished.

while producing the 30 second snippets there is no conversation about but the one via the soundfiles. it is all about samples, sounds, plugs and beats. at the end you will have a sort of dialogue between two musicians. both try to collect the best arguments to take the conversation into the direction preferred. since opinions may vary – just like in a real discussion, argument or even debate – this project could be considered a laptop-slam, a plugin-battle … impress the partner with your skills or express yourself and then waiting for the answer …

this project is much fun for producing ad hoc ideas – it is about sending a (sometimes only even vague) idea to the counterpart without worrying about him being able or not to bring his own magic into the previous 30 second-sketch … so, maybe you have similar tons of fun to hear the results as we had while producing it!