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Bersarin Quartett:
7.1-Surround Sound Concerts in 2017 (Promo)





“Going to the movies – just because of that great sound!” The cinema is the perfect environment for the impactful imagery conjured by the music of the Bersarin Quartett. Spectacular dynamic sound design from all sides for the listener – with a full range from blissful acoustic blasts to nearly imperceptible details. Like a blockbuster movie with more courage to experiment. As a result of a conscious decision, there are no visuals at a Bersarin Quartett live-performance. Pure sound replaces the narrative without distractions. The cinema as an empty stage, as your personal projection surface – a cinematic concert experience in complete darkness with the full effect of a 7.1 surround soundsystem.



It took nearly a year to produce, rearrange, mix and master a new live-set for an 8-channel soundsystem. In addition to the special surround sound aesthetic, there will be live-played electronic- and guitar-parts. An interaction between multidirectional sound pathos and unplugged live-performance via separate mono amps.



Cinema Concerts — The surround sound concerts of Bersarin Quartett are available for all 7.1- or Dolby Atmos-Movie Theatres. Stereo- or 5.1-theatres can’t be taken into account. It´s very important that you download the “Test-DCP”-file in order to check the proper channel-routing of the cinema-hardware and the audio-signal before a concert confirmation. The impeccable function of the „Test-DCP“-file is essential for a cinema-concert of the Bersarin Quartett.

Club concerts — A surround sound concert is possible for club venues as well, if the venue can offer the technical requirements for a multichannel concert. To get more details about the technical requirements, please have a closer look at the “technical rider for venues”. We understand that the technical requirements for this performance are slightly different from those of a typical concert. We appreciate your attention to the technical details contained in this rider to get a sublime listening experience as planned and designed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


For-Cinemas.pdf (International)
For-Venues.pdf (International)

TEST-DCP (only for movie-theatres)